Well, well, what do we have here.

Now although this may be the first blog posted on wordpress, doesn’t mean I haven’t been involved in the online weblog community. I have previously used a blog on a site “Xanga”, as forcedencouraged by a good friend. Why I am putting myself through all this again, i don’t know. But what i do know is that i will most likely move away from Xanga and more towards this, due to the few people i know on xanga updating less and less frequently.

So i’ll keep this first one short and say, i hope you enjoy your times on my blog page. feel free to comment on whatever, i’ll try and reply to everything if i can.

I hope that this blog can help people understand who i am as a person, let me release alot of anger that i try not to release in the open and give me opportunities to plug my own shit youtube videos, twitter and others. (I will also try and keep the swearing to a minimum [personal goal – please don’t make a fuss about it])